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News and Announcements

For Week Beginning April 23, 2017

We extend a warm welcome to everyone to a new chapter in the life of St. Timothy's. Here at the Fort Worth Diocese Catholic Center we will have access to the Chapel, as well as support facilities, from 8:00am to 2:00pm every Sunday. On Holy Days of Obligation (other than Sunday's) we may use it at 7:00pm. Our Sunday Mass will remain at 10:30AM

On behalf of the Parish Council and the people of St. Timothy's Catholic Church, we offer a huge thank you to the clergy, staff, and the people of St. Mary of the Assumption for being our host parish since January of 2012. We realize our journey has been long and their generosity and understanding is greatly appreciated by us all. With the support of St. Mary's and the Diocese of Fort Worth, especially Bishop Michael Olson, we have been able to continue our strong catholic traditions in a most beautiful setting.     May God bless St. Mary of the Assumption for all your help.

From the Ordinariate - You can help our Ordinariate grow and thrive through a gift of any amount to the Bishop’s Appeal! The Bishop’s Appeal funds The Ordinariate Observer, the official publication of the Ordinariate; Bishop Lopes’ travel to the parishes of the Ordinariate; and critical administrative support at the Chancery for all our communities! Gifts to the Bishop’s Appeal support programs that cannot be accomplished by one parish or community alone. Every dollar counts and any amount will help.